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Spy Party

We recently threw a Spy Party and this has to be one of my favourite parties yet! The tone was set right from the beginning when the best dad ever threw on a suit and greeted the kids as they approached the house!

When this party was over we had adults asking for a grown up spy party, which you may be reading about in the near future!!

MISSION: Throw An Awesome Spy Party


Location: House Party!

Budget: $150 – $200.

Guest List: We were prepared for 13 kids. The day of 11 attended.

Age: 4 years – 8 years

Inspiration: My girls love Spy kids, Carmen Sandeigo, Inspector Gadget and of course Barbie Spy Squad.

Invitations: Check out the adorable invites we sent out – here.

Colour Scheme

I won’t lie, when my daughter said she wanted a spy party I did a dance and fist pumps! Having a party that excluded tutu’s and princesses was a breath of fresh air!

It was also very refreshing to use a new colour palette – black/white as the dominant colours with a splash of yellow and red.

For this party – less was more. There wasn’t a need for large bouquets of balloons or over the top frilly, twirly stuff.

We incorporated a photo booth that added to the decor. We used a small bouquet of balloons that gave a punch of yellow and red.

We also created fun pictures of the birthday girl in various disguises. I took images of glasses and mustaches off the internet and added them to the photos that were selected – some included little sister too! The birthday girl was delighted when she spotted this.

Spy Music

It’s not a party without music! Here is the playlist we created for the party

Pick Your Disguise

The first task for our little secret agents were to grab a spy kit, get a photo ID taken at the photo booth and create an ID tag!

The spy kit included:

ID Tags

Once our little spies obtained their spy kits, they put on their disguises from their spy kit and took a photo at the photo booth. As mentioned earlier, we had extra items they could use to add to their looks. We used an Insta – cam (similar to a Polaroid) so they could use at the ID Crafting table and make their very own ID’s.

ID Tag Supplies:


  • ID printable
  • ink pads – to make thumb prints
  • pen from loot bag to write down their information
  • glue to glue their pictures onto the back of their ID card
  • scissors
  • baby wipes to wipe their thumbs off after they used the ink
  • Single hole puncher to punch a hole at the top of the ID card
  • lanyards or String to create a necklace to wear

Crack The Code

After the ID tags were created, our mini detectives were asked to crack a code using the decoders they were given in their spy kit. So they took out their note pads and cracked the code to read ‘Backyard’ which lead them to their next mission – Laser Beams!

Laser Beam Supplies:

  • a roll of red string
  • small bell’s
  • gorilla Tape
  • manila envelopes
  • card stock

After stringing the ‘laser beams’, we taped envelopes throughout. The kids had to climb through the beams to grab an envelope. In each envelope there was a paper that had a symbol. They each needed to gather all the symbols and decode it to figure out what the next mission was. The code read: ‘Final Mission: Eat Cake’.

Secret Spy Message

To prevent restlessness while each child had to wait their turn to go through the laser beams we set up a Secret Spy Message centre. I wasn’t expecting it but this was as popular as the laser beams. The kids were not in any rush to have cake because they were so enthralled making secret messages and doing the laser beams over and over!

Secret Spy Message Supplies:

  • white paper
  • water colours
  • wide paint brushes
  • a container to hold water
  • white crayons

To create a secret message use the white crayon to write your message on the white paper. When you paint over it with the water paint the message will appear!

MISSION: Complete

Yes, Mission Complete we threw an awesome Spy Party.

Which Secret Agent would you be? I love the MIB vibe my hubby was giving off!

As always, if you have questions or need some party advice or inspiration let us know in the comments below. We look forward to hearing from you!



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  • Isabelle

    There are so many good ideas in this article, it is hard to know where to begin!

    I love the idea of a spy party! It seems like something kids would really enjoy! Also, the budget range is affordable, which make it an option for more people.

    The secret spy message center was a great idea and boredom buster!

    Thank you for sharing these excellent ideas!


    • Amber

      Hi Isabelle, Thank you for the comment 🙂 Yes, the activities for this party were very reasonable to work within a budget. I actually love setting a budget goal simply because it produces a lot of cool ideas in the end!

  • Tamika G

    Wow, this sounds like a fantastic party. How creative and I like the spy message idea to help keep the kids occupied while the main activities were going on. Also, your husband dressing up and entering the fun must have added a great vibe to the spy atmosphere. What was your outfit? Looking forward to reading some of your other posts now after this one 🙂

    • Amber

      Thank you for the lovely comment! I threw on a red hat kind of like Carmen Sandiego and a tie – of course I’m always the one taking photos so I don’t have a great one to show 🙂

    • Amber

      Awesome! Inspector Gadget is pretty cool 🙂 Depending on what your budget is there are many ways to work within a reasonable range. One way to cut costs is hosting your party between meal times to avoid the added cost of serving a full lunch or dinner – you can serve snack items instead. Other things like baking your own cake can help too!

  • Suzanne

    What a great idea! And I would have been excited had my daughter asked for a birthday party that did not include princesses or tutus. I smiled all through reading this blog. The pictures are great. The ideas are great. I hope you have inspired many more spy parties.

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