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Unicorn Party Ideas For Girls & Boys And A Mish-Mash Of Other Themes

I’ve had some requests to post about my favourite party themes and this was one of them!

In this article we’ll cover unicorn party ideas for girls and boys and we’ll be adding in Rainbow, Dragon and Dinosaurs to the mix!!

I’m sure some of you have small children who ask for over the top, sometimes unrealistic tasks. In my case, my youngest daughter LOVES mish-mashing party themes!

She has also gone as far as requesting a real life unicorn for her next party but I need to draw the line somewhere…right?

Although, the thought has crossed my mind to have a pony visit with a horn strapped to it’s head….

And that’s why my husband will draw the line for me every now and then!

Let The Magic Begin

coolest kids birthday parties

First off, I had to figure out the budget, the location and the guest list.

  1. Location: At Home
  2. Budget: Because it was at home we were able to keep it reasonable $200 – $300
  3. Guest List: 13 kids total. We had a lot of different ages ranging from 3 to 8 years old.

Then brainstorm:

  • What time in the day will we have this party?
  • How long will the party last?
  • How many games should we have?
  • How do we cater to the different age groups – do we have games for older kids and modify for the younger ones? Or do we have games for the younger kids and modify for the older kids?
  • Do we assign the ‘helper hat’ to the oldest kid of the group?
  • Will parents stay or leave their kids?
  • What kind of food and how much should we serve?
  • What part of the house do we make available for the party?

Once some of the brainstorming questions were answered the ball definitely was rolling…

I checked out the party bin to see what deco’s we have, and what was left over from last years party etc. Basically, I shop at home first before I go shopping at the store.

And yes, I have a party bin and so should you!

Colour Scheme

A Rainbow Colour Scheme!!!!







Yes, this one was obvious A. because that’s basically what my daughter asked for and B. That’s the colour scheme she wants for all of her parties!  She also prefers dark colours over pastel.

Party Activities

There are so many fun activities you can do with a mish- mash party and for the younger kids it doesn’t take much to get them excited.

Here’s what we decided to do:

unicorn treat horns

Unicorn Treat Craft: I set up several little tables and chairs in our kitchen. As guest arrived, we had the little ones start by making unicorn horns.

  • At each table we had set up ice cream cones (the pointed ones), icing, sprinkles, and edible unicorn and dinosaur confetti sprinkles.
  • The kids decorated their ‘unicorn horns’ and when they were finished we put them in treat bags to take home.





Bow & Arrow Target practice: Once the kiddo’s were finished their unicorn horns we sent them to the basement for bow and arrow target practice.

We had bought enough bow and arrows for each kid to take home as well. I took the bow and arrows out of the package and set them up in a bin prior to the party.

I hung balloons from the ceiling and the kids used their bow and arrows to aim and hit the balloons.

This was an absolute hit especially with the older kids!

Knights & Princess Dress Up Room: In our front room I set up a free play area.

  • We had a princess castle that we ordered online – it was made out of cardboard. If you have time and you’re a DIY’er you can easily make one yourself.
  • We put out dress up outfits like: princess dresses, crowns, knight or kings men capes, swords, shields, knight helmets, dinosaur costumes, dragon costumes, and unicorn outfits. We also had a unicorn on a stick, a horse on a stick and a dinosaur on a stick







For dress up we usually collect as we go from halloween and older cousin hand- me -downs.  Anyone who has little girls probably has a small selection of party dress up dresses!  We also have an interesting selection of horses, dinosaur and dragon outfits.  After reading this you probably understand why!

If you’re interested, here is where I found some of the other items we used for free play:




Let’s not forget The Piñata.


I personally find it easiest to figure out the decorating side of things once I know the function of each room.

The rule I generally go by when decorating is: less is more and big is better. By big is better I mean the decor pieces are better when they are large and take up space.

I also, almost never use streamers. This is just a personal preference, streamers drive me crazy and stress me out so I choose not to.

I generally find at birthday parties, banners and balloons do a great job and it’s an easier clean up in the end!

So for this party:

  • two balloon bouquets
  • a few balloons for the front porch (to let guest know they are at the right house)
  • free printables for the banners (I printed, cut them out and tied string to the banner)
  • this is a step that most would think is too far (and it probably is) but I sometimes like to print party pictures that are relevant to the theme to replace some pictures in frames that are used in some rooms. It’s just fun and adds to the atmosphere.
  • rainbow coloured plates & napkins
  • a white table cloth with a red frilly trim
  • white puffs hanging from the ceiling that reminded me of clouds

The Dragon Cake

My daughter asked for a Dragon cake.

I thought this was awesome because I love ice cream cake and dragons are pretty cool.

The day I picked up the cake, I wasn’t sure what to think. The reference picture I sent when I ordered the cake was scanned and put on the cake.

Think about that.

Yep, it was weird and disappointing at the time. But it gave us a good laugh in the end.

Take-Homes & Loot Bags

The take homes as mentioned in the activity section were the bow and arrows and the unicorn horn treat.

The kids were given gift bags that they could fill up after the piñata broke as well.

Nanny a.k.a the loot bag queen jacked up the piñata with magical unicorn jewellery, squishy dinosaurs, mini dragon games, unicorn stickers that can be used on fabric and more.

There may have been a little more take -homes then I would suggest – either the loot bag or the bow and arrow would be enough especially with a take home treat.

However, going overboard every now and again is perfectly acceptable in my world!

We’ve Mished & We’ve Mashed

That’s just one of the many mishing and mashing party themes my beautiful baby girl has come up with.  And perhaps now you have found the inspiration you need to go ahead with your little one’s crazy party ideas!

If you ever need some inspiration, ideas or help sourcing items for your next party please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.

Birthday in a Box

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  • Sahar

    Just had my daughter’s birthday today and although she is a bit of a tomboy, we had a unicorn theme going around especially in the cupcakes! Love how you managed to include the info on the best themes. You are so right about having the decoration less but big, I totally believe in that too, makes a better impression. Thank you for the ideas and the details!

  • Theresa

    I have a friend whose daughter recently attended a birthday party with a real, live unicorn! (A horse, of course.) The kids were all given rides and had a blast! Some areas have horse rentals available for parties, so maybe there’s one near you.

    • Amber

      Wow, that must have been a lot of fun for the kids! A friend of ours had a petting zoo for her little ones party too. It’s amazing where the imagination can take us 🙂 We live in the city so our yard wouldn’t be big enough to accommodate a pony ride!

  • suzanne

    What a wonderful post Amber! These are such great ideas.

    Now I just have to make them more boyish, lol. I have grandsons right now.

    But you’ve given me lots of ideas for the next party, so thank you so much!


    • Amber

      Oh that’s awesome! They would love the target practice idea. And I noticed the boys liked the giddy up horses – you could always do a race if it’s an outdoor party!

  • Ann

    What a terrific post, so much easier when you have a theme and a colour palette to work to. I love the unicorn ice creams idea and the dress ups will be fantastic for kids, I’m sure they’ll love it. How disappointing that the cake suppliers just used a scanned image for your cake. Don’t know about you, but I’d feel a bit cheated. I’m sure the kids loved it in any case.

    • Amber

      Hi Ann, Thanks for visiting! Yes, the cake situation was interesting haha, but all you can do is laugh it off – the kids did love it and it was still very tasty 🙂 I find choosing a theme always helps move the planning process along! Come back and let us know how your party goes.

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