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Is A Wedding Stylist Missing On Your Wedding Planner Checklist?

It may not be mentioned on the planner you meticulously look over every day as you lead up to one of the most important parties you’ll throw – but hiring a Wedding Stylist (aka Wedding Designer or Event Stylist) may be what’s missing on your wedding planner checklist!

What Does A Wedding Stylist Do?

Choosing linens, tables and chairs are one thing, but achieving a cohesive, stylized and sophisticated look is one another. It’s a wonderful talent to be able to create an atmosphere that takes you and your guests to another level right from the moment of arrival!


industrial themed wedding held at a local brewery


Most individuals understand how they want to feel and how they want their guests to feel on their wedding day but have no idea where to start or how to accomplish it.

It’s the job of the Designer to understand the bride and groom’s taste and personalities to bring their vision to life. In most cases the Wedding Planner and Wedding Stylist will work closely together to ensure all aspects of the design unfold smoothly.

In some cases the Wedding Stylist will either provide most or all items like the flowers, prop rentals etc. Or they will simply manage and oversee the vendors to ensure all the final details come together on the big day!

A Wedding Stylist can often be mistaken for a Wedding Planner. A seasoned Wedding Planner is a great idea if you are not strong with logistics and making final decisions on things like how much cutlery you really need. However, if you are an organized individual by nature and actually love the planning process but lack an eye for design you may want to consider hiring a Wedding Stylist.

Wedding Planner Vs. Wedding Stylist

The Wedding Planner

A Wedding Planner has a very important job to do, which is taking care of the majority of your to – do list! If you have the budget for it and want to lift the weight of stress that comes with planning here’s what a Planner can do for you:

  • Has a great selection of vendor referrals
  • Will negotiate contracts, schedule and attend all vendor meetings.
  • Will create detailed timelines
  • Most will provide a detailed floor plan
  • Will help manage the budget and in most cases even help determine what your budget is.
  • Will help brainstorm design ideas and coordinate
  • Will Attend site visits and tastings
  • Will organize hotel room blocks and transportation.
  • Will organize and manage the rehearsal
  • Will manage the wedding day and keep everyone in-line with the timeline and handle vendors etc.

The Wedding Stylist

Similar to a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Designer will remove a lot of tasks off of your to-do list just not the logistical side of things like contract negotiations. If creating an atmosphere that is unforgettable for you and your guest is important to you but your creativity is lacking – a Wedding Stylist may be what you are looking for, here’s what a Designer will do for you:

  • Will conceptualize and create the wedding design
  • Will provide a colour palette
  • Will source unique props and decor needed for the event
  • Will manage the decor budget and vendors like the florist, rentals etc.
  • Will attend site visits to measure and visualize where the props, rentals and decor will go
  • Will create a layout to achieve a nice flow for the event
  • Will create a detailed floor plan
  • Will decorate on the wedding day and ensure all elements are in place

What Are The First Steps In Hiring a Wedding Stylist?

When you are in the process of finding the right Stylist put together a collection of images that best describes the look you want to achieve – after all, Designers are incredibly visual human beings.

For example, using an example like this:


Helped us to achieve a cool back drop for the head table at this beautiful industrial themed wedding held at a local brewery:

Depending on where you live you may or may not have several options on who you can hire as a Designer. Try to interview at least three companies before deciding on one. This will help determine what your options are.

You’ll also want to consider your budget and weigh what the Designer can offer you within that budget. Don’t be shy to share what your budget is either as this helps them determine what the Stylist can offer you to achieve your desired look and feel of your Wedding.

In reality, you’ll understand who the right person is if you genuinely get the sense that the Designer understands and gets you.

Make It Happen

There you have it – you’re backed with some valuable information on what a Wedding Stylist can offer you. If it works within your budget and you desperately need help putting together a certain look and feel for your Wedding Day a Wedding Stylist may be exactly what you need!

Have you ever used an Event or Wedding Stylist? What was your experience like? Or Could you have benefited from using one? Let us know in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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  • Michael

    Hey, Amber thanks for sharing – I’m yet to bite the bullet and find myself a wedding stylist or planner for that matter!

    Love the images by the way!

  • sara Poyner

    I have never used a wedding stylist. I planned arranged and styled my own wedding and it was in a location away from my home where I had to transfer the whole wedding in my car (with two children in tow). The whole process became very stressful and incredibly complicated and meant that I spent most of the day before my wedding, and my wedding day, worrying about logistics and design, and delivering cakes, and setting up my retro sweet table.

    If anyone is getting married, I would highly recommend hiring a stylist. I would have to have just handed over my vision to someone else, which would have allowed me to have a stress free wedding. More importantly I would have been able to enjoy my big day with my husband children and family, instead of just feeling completely exhausted by the whole thing.

    If I could go back in time, I would hire a stylist in a heartbeat.

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