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How Do You Make Cotton Candy – Supplies, Recipes And More

So, how do you make cotton candy?

If you have read our previous article on the Best Rated Cotton Candy Machines you may be wondering what to do next?

Perhaps you’ve just purchased your new cotton candy machine? Or, you have your potential new machine sitting in the shopping cart wondering what else you should purchase with it? Or, maybe you already have a machine but want to add a punch of flavour to your cotton candy experiences.

In this article we will not be going over the instructions on how to use your machine. Instead, we will talk about the best sugar floss to purchase, how to make gourmet cotton candy and extra supplies you may have overlooked.

Supplies You May Need

When you have selected you’re amazing cotton candy maker, there are a few extra things you may want to consider purchasing.

Bubble Covers

As we discussed in our previous cotton candy article you may want a bubble cover for the machines that do not come with one, especially if you are planning to use your new machine indoors.

There have not been a lot of complaints about sugar flying everywhere sans a cover but there have been some reviewers who warn of this and we tend to take a messy warning seriously! So, to prevent a future mess and potential waste of your floss sugar here is a great Bubble Cover to consider.


Some cotton candy machines come with cones and some don’t. We noticed the ones that do come with cones are not a lot, so if you are having a larger event you may need to purchase extra.

Fairy Cones Premium Multicolored Cotton Candy Cones – These are fun colourful cones that come in a package of 50 or 100.

Now, just when you thought it was impossible to add more excitement to cotton candy we found a way!

Glo Stick Cones – Glo stick cones are used the same as regular cones they just make your cotton candy glow. This would be fun for a dance party.

Floss Sugar

Gold Medal Floss Sugar – There are several brands of floss sugar but Gold Medal has proven to have consistently good quality. Plus there are a lot of different varieties to choose from like Pina Colada, Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Grape along with the classics Pink-Vanilla and Blue-Raspberry.

Make Floss Sugar Using Hard Candy Oils

Making your own floss sugar is like the difference of purchasing a roll of pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough vs making your own chocolate chip cookies by putting in that extra effort and taking the time to mix all the well-thought-out ingredients yourself… You get the picture, right?

In our last post we talked about easily making your own floss sugar. This is awesome because:

  • You choose the flavour
  • You choose the colour to match your theme
  • You get to brag about how you made the gourmet cotton candy that everyone will be enjoying. Which ultimately adds to how cool you currently are for even handing out cotton candy in the first place!

You will only need three ingredients to make your gourmet floss sugar:

1) Hard candy oils (the flavour of your choice)

2) Food colouring

3) Sugar

Simply add a few drops of food colouring to a small bowl of sugar then add a few drops of hard candy oil and mix together. Continue adding colour and flavour to your liking.

Other Ways To Gourmet

If making your own flavoured floss sugar sounds like too much work you can always opt to use your favourite hard candies (if the machine is hard candy safe) to get a gourmet taste.

There are so many flavours you can accomplish with hard candy. Here are a few hard candy options just to give you an idea of where you can take your next cotton candy experience:

  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Nerds
  • Candy Canes – Did you know that some of your favourite soft candies like sour patch kids have been turned into hard candy canes?
  • Runts
  • Werther’s Original

Sugar Free Cotton Candy

If you are watching the waste line and feeling weak with all of this sweet talk, try using sugar free candies. It’s still not exactly the healthiest snack but you can eliminate some of that guilt by reducing the sugar intake.

Clouds Of Happiness

There is so much you can do with cotton candy once it’s made.

We mentioned in our previous post Best Rated Cotton Candy Machines that you can make treat bags as gifts. That’s just one of many ways you can treat yourself and others with your little clouds of happiness.

Here is some inspiration for you:

  • Specialty drink toppers – use freshly made cotton candy and add a puff on top of champagne or any specialty drink that needs a sweet touch.

  • Cake toppers – We love the idea of adding a little puff of cotton candy at the bottom of a sparkler, adding little puffs on top of the cake or mini sticks with puffs (would look like cotton candy trees) on top of the cake.  This would be great for a Dr Seuss themed party.
  • A bouquet of cotton candy flowers – We love this idea, swap traditional flowers and make edible flowers with cotton candy.

  • Cotton candy cone – Instead of the cone you typically use for cotton candy try using an ice cream cone. Create a ball with the cotton candy and stuff it on top of the ice cream cone to make it look like icecream.
  • Edible cotton candy nests for easter- Easter is just around the corner, try this adorable candy craft.

That’s A Sweet Deal

Your cotton candy will taste that much sweeter now that you have some fun recipes and supplies that will add value to your new favourite household machine!

As always, we love to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments below about your cotton candy experiences, any cool ideas that you’ve come up with and if you’ve tried any of the suggestions in this article.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  • Rebecca

    Wow what an excellent article, I didn’t know you could do so much with candy. The bit that got my attention was

    Specialty drink toppers – use freshly made cotton candy and add a puff on top of champagne or any specialty drink that needs a sweet touch.

    I would never of thought to do that with a glass of champagne, that would look fantastic at a party or a soiree. I might have to nick that idea if you don’t mind.

    • Amber

      Thanks for the comment! Yes, the champagne is a nice touch. We love when you take our ideas. Come back and let us know how it turned out 🙂 Try to use freshly made cotton candy rather than the packaged stuff. The packaged cotton candy is ok but doesn’t look as fresh and fluffy in our experience. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Ann

    This takes me back to my childhood and festivals and theme parks, what a wonderful way to recreate this wonderful feeling with cotton candy. I did not realize it only required 3 ingredients. I had thought you could only buy it from the professionals, thank you so much for putting awareness out there!

    • Amber

      Thanks for checking us out! I’m so happy we opened up a new world for you! You can most definitely make your own cotton candy. It really does bring back a lot of fun memories and it’s awesome we can recreate those memories for family and friends ourselves. Thanks for your comment, come back and visit us soon 🙂

  • Rahye

    Thanks for the wonderful posts. To be honest I have never tasted cotton candy, but have always salivated when i see someone have it.

    I would sure like to explore and of course make my own cotton candy using your recipe guide.

    Thank you

    • Amber

      Thanks for your comment and for taking the time to learn more about cotton candy. If you’re salivating when you see others trying it you should give it a taste (unless you have some serious allergies). What I love about having a machine is that you have the freedom to choose what flavour you’re getting and you can even make it sugar free (using hard candies) which is a plus. It’s not a treat we suggest having everyday however, a treat to have for special occasions. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Mary

    Cotton candy machines at birthday parties are always a big hit but I never thought of taking it any further. Thanks for the ideas! Will definitely give them a try.

    • Amber

      So nice to hear you’re already on the cotton candy train! It really is a lot of fun and leaves a lot of great memories for everyone at the event. Let us know how it goes when you up your cotton candy experience with these suggestions!

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