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Fun Ice Breaker Games For Kids


Throwing parties and events for a large group of children that you don’t know can be exciting and nerve racking all at the same time.

For instance, your kid might have friends from different circles and is worried if they’ll like each other? Or, You’re organizing a larger event where a lot of different kids from different backgrounds will be attending.

So now you’re wondering how do we embrace this situation and turn it into a positive and fun experience?

The answer: Ice Breakers!

In this article you’ll be reminded of classic and new Ice Breaker Games For Kids that just might be the solution you’re looking for.

1. Musical Chairs

This is a classic game that kids will love! If you haven’t used this one for your parties yet you definitely should put this one on your activities list for your next upcoming event.

What you will need:

  • Chair
  • Music


1. Set up chairs in two rows back-to-back (one chair less than the number of players).

2. Play music and have players walk around the chairs.

3. Pause the music. When the music stops, players must race to sit in on chair.

4. The player left standing is to take a chair and stand off to the side.

5. Play the music again and repeat as the players circle the chairs and sit when the music is paused.

6. Continued until only one person (the winner) is left!

2. Spot The Difference

Kids will get a kick out of this game! Spot The Difference encourages players to work together while having a good laugh at the same time.

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Pen


1. Divide your group into two teams.

2. Stand the first group in a line facing the second group. Set an amount of time for the second group (for example, 5 mins) to observe the appearance of the other team.

To add some goofiness to this game – try adding pops like hats, capes, jewelry etc.

3. When their time is up, have the second team leave the room. Then, have the first group change ten things about them. The ten things must be noticeable so nothing that is out of view like items in their pockets.

4. When the second group returns, they must observe the first group and figure out what ten things have changed. Set a time limit again and have the players write it down.

5. Then swap the roles of the groups and do it again.

3. Never Have I Ever

This is one of many fun easy ice breaker games that can be used to lighten the mood and bring the silly out in kids.


1. Children sit around in a circle. To keep score have children hold out their hands to show 10 fingers (or 5 if you want to shorten this game).


2. Select who goes first then have that child starts by saying ‘Never Have I Ever….’ and state something he/she has never done before. For example, ‘Never have I ever been on a boat’.

3. If any other child in the circle has in fact done that particular thing that’s been stated they must put down one finger. Continue to play until someone has lost all of their fingers making them out!

4. Amazing Race

We’re calling this Amazing Race because it’s loosely based on the TV version of the game. You can tailor your version of this however you see best fits the group of kids you’re planning this for!

This is a cool game that requires a lot more planning than a simple ice breaker game but we wanted to include this because it’s a great team building activity as well!

This activity is best played outside and suited for larger groups of big kids.

The summer is obviously a great time to play this game but the winter can still be fun just remind your guest to dress warm.


1. Split the group into two teams. You can do this by drawing names or previously selecting the players for each team.

2. You will need two to three Adults/leaders (or more depending on the amount of teams and type of check points you wish to have).

One adult/leader will be needed per team. Then one adult/leader will be the check point person who hands out challenges and verifies if the teams accomplished the given challenge to move on to the next.

The adult/leader of each team should have a cell phone so that they can capture pictures or video if needed of certain challenges being accomplished.

3. Planned check points. Check points will be where the teams go to receive their challenges. The first one can start at the house and the designated check point person will hand over a written challenge or verbally tell the teams what their challenge is.

4. Challenges. Create challenges that are age appropriate for the group you are hosting. Get creative with your challenges and have the kids use their noggin’s and get some exercise by moving their bodies.

If you have corner stores or shopping nearby you can hand out envelopes that include 2-5 dollars in it. The money can be used for challenges that require them to bring back a specific item they’ll need to purchase.

For example:

Challenge 1 – players must find and take pictures of ingredients to bake a birthday cake. They can do this by going to a grocery store and snapping photos of ingredients listed on the challenge.

Challenge 2 – Set up a giant outdoor game like checkers and have teams challenge each other – the winning team gets a clue or a map to help get to the next check point quicker, whereas the losing team has to take the long route to the next check point.

Challenge 3 – players have to complete an obstacle course that’s been set up at a nearby park.

5. In the end whichever team wins the race can win a small prize or something as simple as letting the team pick the next activity.

Ready, Set, Go….

We all want our parties to run smoothly and the biggest element to make or break a party is how comfortable your guests feel. So consider who is coming and choose a game or two to keep things easy breezy.

Whether it’s a long party or a short one there’s always room for fun short ice breakers or perhaps one big one!

Let us know in the comments below which game you will play at your next event! And if you need game ideas for a specific theme we’re always here to help.


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  • jen

    So, I have my son’s second birthday party coming up and I have a range of kids from 2 – 10 years old and I’ve been trying to find games that they all can play together. I know this is a long shot but you always seem to have such good ideas. Is there something you can recommend for my party? I love this article you have here and there are some really fun ideas here, how can I change it a bit to include the little ones? Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Amber

      Hi Jen, I find sensory activities are hit with little ones. For my daughters 3rd birthday we had a big age range like that so I set up activity stations. For example, I had made a huge batch of homemade snow (it was a Frozen Birthday Party) and put it in a sandbox and all of kids (older and younger) were playing in it at one point throughout the party. I always give the ‘helper’ title to older kids – they love acting like an older sister/brother!

      Right now slime is a huge hit if you’re brave enough you can host a slime party and put the older kids in charge. The really little kids will love playing with it. To simplify though, make the slime in advance! Then, have glitter, and jewels set out for the kids to add to the slime. This way they feel like they are ‘making’ slime. Making the slime ahead of time will save you the nightmare of cleaning up all the ingredients that will be spread all over – trust me!

  • Gil Heckel

    You sound like a wonderful mom with lots of experience and insight into how to host a party for your child. Thank you for your suggestions and I’m sure you’ll make lots of families happy all over the world who read your post and apply the things you suggested. Thanks so much!

  • Dahlia Clarke

    I love the sound of these icebreakers as children will enjoy them a lot, adults too. The truth is that we all want our party to run smoothly, without hiccups, and certainly no one wants their party to flop. Your article is very informative, keep up the good work.

  • Derek Marshall

    Some great games there and I totally forgot about the age old classic musical chairs. One I like to use is “find the hidden object” where simply we hide an object and as the kiddies get closer we say “warm”, “getting warmer” or “cold” depending on how close they are to finding the object.

    It’s fun and the kids love it!.

  • Shaun

    Hi Amber, thanks for sharing so many interesting games. Children love games instinctively. For children that are strange with each other, playing group games will surely help to warm up the relationships and make things go much easier. Very interesting post!

    • Amber

      Hi Shaun! Thanks for your comment 🙂 Yes, it is awesome to see kids come out of their shell and come together. Games can also serve as great learning tool for social behaviours!

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