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    Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Recipes & Review

    Product: The Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice Cream Maker Price: $100 – $150 Best Place To Purchase: Amazon.com Size: 2-quart capacity Guarantee: 3 Year Manufactures Warranty My Rating: 9.5/10 Average Customer Rating: 4.8/5 Available Colour: Brushed Chrome At our home we typically save desserts for special occasions. But when spring and summer roll around, it’s a different story. We widen our window of dessert time to weekends as well, especially when ice cream is involved! With Spring and Summer right around the corner what better way to celebrate then soaking up the hot sun and cooling down with a waffle cone filled with your very own tailor-made ice cream, sprinkles and…

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    How Do You Make Cotton Candy – Supplies, Recipes And More

    So, how do you make cotton candy? If you have read our previous article on the Best Rated Cotton Candy Machines you may be wondering what to do next? Perhaps you’ve just purchased your new cotton candy machine? Or, you have your potential new machine sitting in the shopping cart wondering what else you should purchase with it? Or, maybe you already have a machine but want to add a punch of flavour to your cotton candy experiences. In this article we will not be going over the instructions on how to use your machine. Instead, we will talk about the best sugar floss to purchase, how to make gourmet…

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    Best Rated Cotton Candy Machines

    Have you ever considered serving cotton candy at one of your events? Handing out cotton candy will certainly make you one very popular host or hostess! It’s a fun way to add entertainment to any event big or small, and if you have the right one it makes the experience even better for you. Investing in the best piece of equipment that can add engagement, joy and lots of smiles will always benefit you in the end. Knowing that you were successful is always a plus, isn’t it? In this article we have narrowed down the best rated Cotton Candy Machines that will bring pure fluffy delightfulness to you and…

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    Best Electric Fondue Set, A Valentine’s Day Find

    If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day party with family and friends or a romantic party for two – an electric Fondue set can be a perfect way to celebrate the occasion! Depending on your budget and who you are buying for this would also make for a lovely present! There are several types of fondue sets but right now we want to focus on the best electric fondue set and we happen to think the Trudeau Electric Fondue Set is one of them. Why We Love It Here are a few reasons why we love this set: It’s cute and modern design is pleasing to eye. Now, because it’s red…


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