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    Unicorn Party Ideas For Girls & Boys And A Mish-Mash Of Other Themes

    I’ve had some requests to post about my favourite party themes and this was one of them! In this article we’ll cover unicorn party ideas for girls and boys and we’ll be adding in Rainbow, Dragon and Dinosaurs to the mix!! I’m sure some of you have small children who ask for over the top, sometimes unrealistic tasks. In my case, my youngest daughter LOVES mish-mashing party themes! She has also gone as far as requesting a real life unicorn for her next party but I need to draw the line somewhere…right? Although, the thought has crossed my mind to have a pony visit with a horn strapped to it’s…

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    Best Super Bowl Party Food – Our Fan Faves

    It’s that time of year again, The Super Bowl! In our household football is very important – well, to my husband it is! I personally may not follow the season as religiously as most but the super bowl definitely carries a lot fun memories. Delicious food plays a big part in the excitement we have associated with the super bowl. So don’t drop the ball this year on your menu. Instead, score a touchdown with these easy super bowl party food ideas! (I couldn’t resist. I apologize in advance for any other playful puns to follow) Nachos Let’s start with the obvious – Nachos! This is always a crowd pleaser.…

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    Valentine’s Day Party Ideas For Kids

    It’s coming sooner than you think…. VALENTINE’S DAY!! Some of you just winced, and some of you cheerfully screeched! Either way you are here because you are a super awesome parent or active adult in a very lucky child’s life! Kids typically love any excuse to party. So, why not use Valentine’s Day? If you’re stuck on what to do to for entertainment at such a party here some very fun Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids! Make it with Love This kind of party rarely happens but when it does it’s always a hit – A Baking Party!!! Baking with kids is a memory that will last much longer…

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    The Party Planner Checklist – Why You Need One

    Hosting a party can be overwhelming! Whether it’s a party as small as your kid’s 1st birthday or your wedding. The questions running through your head is enough to give you a headache – How much food should I serve? How many balloon bouquets should I order? Will my guest get bored? The first thing you need to do is breathe. Then take a moment to put all of your thoughts and ideas down on paper. We know, That may be easier said than done. To make it easier you need to organize your thoughts and ideas and as the party planner we strongly suggest you create a party planner…

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    About Us

      Welcome to My Parties Made Easy. We’ll make hosting your next party a little easier! The Joy of Party Planning Organizing, decorating and putting on a great party is our passion. I personally realized how much fun it was to organize an event when I was in high school and I had the opportunity to plan the school prom (a very, very, very long time ago…) As I became the go-to person with family and friends for party ideas – like themes, games and decor that’s when realized I had a real talent and passion for this. Bringing people together and seeing the joy a well thought out party…


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