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    Best Easter Brunch Ideas + Top Three Themes

    When Easter rolls around a series of wonderful things happen. The smell of Spring is more predominant in the air as the sun finally melts away the stubborn ice patches from the winter months (most Canadians can identify with this). The neighbours and our family included, finally start to come out from hibernation. Then the most exciting part about Easter happens – it’s the first outdoor party of the year (if mother nature is being kind). Whether you’re celebrating inside or outside we’ve narrowed down The Top Three Styles and Best Easter Brunch Ideas this season: 1. Boho Vintage Easter Brunch 2. Modern Day Easter Brunch 3. Brunch With The…

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    St Patrick’s Day Potluck Ideas

    Oh St. Patrick’s Day, I have many fond memories of this day that I barely remember if you know what I mean. Now that I’m a grownup and have a family and have friends who have kids and have friends who don’t have kids, I need to be a little more creative in how the St. Paddy’s Day festivities play out. Looking at the history of this day, St. Patrick is celebrated for the arrival of the Christian Community and in general the day itself celebrates the heritage and culture of Ireland. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be christian or Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You can…

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    Best Electric Fondue Set, A Valentine’s Day Find

    If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day party with family and friends or a romantic party for two – an electric Fondue set can be a perfect way to celebrate the occasion! Depending on your budget and who you are buying for this would also make for a lovely present! There are several types of fondue sets but right now we want to focus on the best electric fondue set and we happen to think the Trudeau Electric Fondue Set is one of them. Why We Love It Here are a few reasons why we love this set: It’s cute and modern design is pleasing to eye. Now, because it’s red…

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    Best Super Bowl Party Food – Our Fan Faves

    It’s that time of year again, The Super Bowl! In our household football is very important – well, to my husband it is! I personally may not follow the season as religiously as most but the super bowl definitely carries a lot fun memories. Delicious food plays a big part in the excitement we have associated with the super bowl. So don’t drop the ball this year on your menu. Instead, score a touchdown with these easy super bowl party food ideas! (I couldn’t resist. I apologize in advance for any other playful puns to follow) Nachos Let’s start with the obvious – Nachos! This is always a crowd pleaser.…

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    Valentine’s Day Party Ideas For Kids

    It’s coming sooner than you think…. VALENTINE’S DAY!! Some of you just winced, and some of you cheerfully screeched! Either way you are here because you are a super awesome parent or active adult in a very lucky child’s life! Kids typically love any excuse to party. So, why not use Valentine’s Day? If you’re stuck on what to do to for entertainment at such a party here some very fun Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids! Make it with Love This kind of party rarely happens but when it does it’s always a hit – A Baking Party!!! Baking with kids is a memory that will last much longer…


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