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Best Rated Cotton Candy Machines

Have you ever considered serving cotton candy at one of your events?

Handing out cotton candy will certainly make you one very popular host or hostess! It’s a fun way to add entertainment to any event big or small, and if you have the right one it makes the experience even better for you.

Investing in the best piece of equipment that can add engagement, joy and lots of smiles will always benefit you in the end. Knowing that you were successful is always a plus, isn’t it?

In this article we have narrowed down the best rated Cotton Candy Machines that will bring pure fluffy delightfulness to you and your guest!

VIVO Cotton Candy Machine

vivo cotton candy makerThe VIVO Electric Cotton Candy Machine is perfect for your kid’s birthday party and just as awesome for larger events like fundraisers. This machine will accept hard candies or standard flossing sugar. It heats up quickly, within 5 minutes and can produce up to 2-3 servings/minute. Another pro is how easy it is to clean due to its simple disassembly.

Price: $184.99

Average Customer Rank: 4.9/5



  • 1030W of power (operates on 110V / 60Hz power)
  • 20″ stainless steel bowl with sugar scoop included
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty plus tech support
  • Ideal for home and commercial use
  • Capable of melting your favourite hard candies to give a different and fun taste to the floss sugar



Available Colours: Pink & Blue

Where to Buy:

CLEVR Cotton Candy Machine

CLEVR Electric Cotton Candy Machine is another great choice. It’s very similar to the VIVO Machine with a few differences. It can produce up to 2-4 servings/minute. It has a handy little drawer for putting away your scoop and other pieces that might go with it. CLEVR doesn’t seem to advertise that you can melt hard candies as the VIVO. However, reviewers have stated that they’ve tried melting hard candies and it’s been successful.

Price: $174.99

Average Customer Rank: 4.5/5



  • 1080W of power(operates on 110V / 60Hz power only)
  • Belt driven high-performance motor + extra motor drive belts included
  • 20.5″ stainless steel bowl and stainless steel scoop
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 bin storage drawer
  • Safety features: machine will not turn on unless the bowl is properly secured.
  • Ideal for home or commercial use

Available Colours: Pink, Blue & Red

Where to Buy:


Cotton Candy Express

If you’re looking for something a little more modest, the Cotton Candy Express is perfect. This adorable machine is for home use only. We recommend only using this for a relaxed get together or very small birthday party not for an event or party that will have a large line up of people (especially kids)! This machine is still of great quality for a great price but will produce much less and at a slower rate than the above mentioned machines. You will be able to make one cone at a time and depending on how large you make the cones you can get about 5 cones in less than 15 minutes.

Price: $39.95

Average Customer Rank: 4/5



  • Capable of melting hard candies as well as floss sugar
  • Includes 8 striped cotton candy cones, & a matching pink sugar scoop
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal only for home

Available Colours: Pink

Where to Buy:

The Candery Cotton Candy Machine

This table-top machine is another great memory maker! The Candery Cotton Candy Machine is adorable and easy on the budget. As recommended with the Cotton Candy Express this machine will be on the slower side so use this only for casual get togethers or party with a small guest list.

Price: $43.99

Average Customer Rank: 4/5



  • Capable of melting hard candies as well as floss sugar
  • Includes 10 candy cones and a sugar scoop
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal only for home
  • Ultra-quiet motor
  • Easy assembly


Available Colors: Red

Where to Buy:



What Else?

There are some things you may want consider when you’re purchasing your Cotton Candy Machine.  Just so you know we do get more detailed on the below points in our next article.

  • How many cones will you need extra from what you receive (if you receive) in the package?
  • You may want to consider reusable cones.
  • Will you be using hard candy or floss sugar?
  • If you are using hard candy – be sure to use only hard sugar candies avoid candies with a soft centre or that are even a little chewy. An Example of an acceptable hard candy are Jolly Ranchers or a candy cane. (Gave you a good Christmas idea now, didn’t we?)
  • Not all machines come with floss sugar so you’ll need add some floss sugar to your shopping cart.
  • If you want to get creative and make your own gourmet floss sugar all you need is hard candy oil, sugar and food colouring. Mix them together to get your own customized cotton candy.
  • Another thing you may want to consider getting is a bubble cover for the machines that do not provide a cover. This will prevent sugar from flying off in the air. A cover will also ensure little ones don’t get their faces or hands to close to the machine while it’s in use.

Remember to check out our next article to get even more ideas.

How Sweet It Is…

Once you’ve made your decision on which Cotton Candy Making Machine you’re going to purchase this can open up a whole new world of party themes & ideas you can use this for!

Let’s face it Cotton Candy can be used for any occasion like Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc. Especially if you customize your cotton candy flavours as I mentioned above. You hand out your personal gourmet cotton candy and trust us you’ll be everyone’s favourite host!

You don’t have to make it on the spot either. Simply, pre-make your cotton candy and make little gift bags and hand them out as little gifts.

We hope we’ve help you in your cotton candy machine decision making and sparked some inspiration for your next event. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.







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  • SkyPath

    That is so cute, I always wanted my own Cotton Candy Machines! I love VIVO Cotton Candy Machine, but it is too expensive, I guess I will choose The Candery Cotton Candy Machine, It is very cute exterior and not too expensive! Thank you for this information about cotton candy machines!

    • Amber

      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!

      Yes, Candery Cotton Candy Machine is more cost effective and you will still be successful and quite happy I’m sure.

  • Glessa

    Hi, thanks for the very informative article. I love cotton candies and my daughter too. It is nice to know that there are different types of cotton candy machines out there that we can use. I did think we only use one type. It is good to select one to start up a business or just use it for special occasions. Great one!

    • Amber

      Thanks for the comment, I’m glad it help clarify your cotton candy machine choices. You can even use a commercial machine like the VIVO or the Clevr as rentals if you have your own party company!

  • Alexandra Wollein

    Ok, this is a brand new world for me. I had no idea that you could have your own cotton candy machine?!
    The first one looks so professional, I must admit I love the pink and the look of the candery cotton candy machine more. It has more of a carnival feel to it. However going on the ratings the first one would probably be the way to go. I have never considered having a cotton candy event before but I sure am now. Thank you for this information. I will now have to convince my partner that this is exactly what we need in our house.

    • Amber

      Amazing! I hope you convince him well. Having a cotton candy machine is so much fun. I really like the look of the Candery Cotton Candy Machine as well. It’s much slower than the VIVO or ClEVR but perfect for let’s say a games night or an easy going family gathering. You’ll have to let us know if you end up getting one! Thanks so much for checking us out.

  • Todd P Matthews

    Cotton candy literally made any party during my younger days and reading this article brings back awesome memories. This is something I would definitely invest in if I hosted a party or get-together. I would need to learn how to make it first and definitely have a go or two with one of these machines before getting a firm grip on things. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Amber

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes, cotton candy does bring back great memories for me as well. Please let us know if you end up getting a machine and tell us how it goes! It’s pretty easy to use after the first couple of tries 🙂

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