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Best Easter Brunch Ideas + Top Three Themes

When Easter rolls around a series of wonderful things happen. The smell of Spring is more predominant in the air as the sun finally melts away the stubborn ice patches from the winter months (most Canadians can identify with this). The neighbours and our family included, finally start to come out from hibernation.

Then the most exciting part about Easter happens – it’s the first outdoor party of the year (if mother nature is being kind).

Whether you’re celebrating inside or outside we’ve narrowed down The Top Three Styles and Best Easter Brunch Ideas this season:

1. Boho Vintage Easter Brunch

2. Modern Day Easter Brunch

3. Brunch With The Mad Hatter

In this article we’ll offer tips and advice for simplifying your hosting duties, organizing an Easter Egg Hunt and how to pull off the top three Easter Brunch Themes.

The Best Way To Brunch

If you have been following us you probably know by now that brunching is one of our favourite things to do. However, hosting a brunch isn’t as easy as attending one.

If it’s not thought-out and planned properly you can find yourself filled with anxiety hovering over the stove wiping beads of sweat off your brow trying to meet all the different type of egg requests being thrown at you.

So, to simplify and make your life much easier here are some quick tips you can use when hosting a brunch.


Preset The Table & Decorate The Night Before


If you plan on decorating whether it’s a lot of decor or a few touches, you’ll want to do this the night before. This will make the morning prep much easier and much more enjoyable for you.

Wash and place plates, napkins, cutlery, glasses, coffee cups and any other table settings you will need.

Pre – make Drinks & Food The Night Before

  • Make an egg casserole. Eggs are a must at brunch but you don’t have to cater to everyone’s different style of eggs. Preparing a dish or two the night before and baking in the morning is a great way to incorporate eggs without the hassle! Here are two great recipes to follow: Loaded Overnight Breakfast Casserole and Make Ahead Quiche

  • Fill up jugs with whatever specialty drinks you’ll be serving the night before. For example, Mimosas, Ceasers, Punch etc. This will ensure you have enough of the mixes you need and will save you time in the morning.
  • You may want to consider skipping pancakes. I know that sounds crazy for a brunch, right? The reason again is to allow you to host as opposed to slaving over the kitchen stove. Instead of pancakes, why not try scones or baked french toast! French toast and scones can easily be prepared the night before and then tossed in the oven come morning time.

  • Bake The Bacon. Just bake the bacon, trust us! This is another way to avoid stress and grease spatting you in the face while trying to entertain your guest!

The Hunt

If you have little ones joining your Easter Brunch then chances are the Easter Bunny stopped by to hide eggs. Here are some tips and ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt.

1. Whether you’re using real eggs or plastic it’s a good idea to make sure each kid has the same amount of eggs to collect. 10 eggs per kid is a good rule of thumb.

If you’re hosting for a larger group of kids and are worried about smaller kids not standing a chance with bigger kids or just want to prevent any arguments – try using a legend for each child. On the legend include each colour of egg you have hidden and the amount of each coloured egg to be collected. For instance, x2 Purple eggs, x1 blue egg and so on. This will ensure a friendly and fair game.

2. Make sure everyone has a basket or pail. It’s better that kid’s bring their own special basket of course, but it’s better to be prepared than have that one sad kid collecting eggs without a basket. So, try to have a basket per kid if possible to avoid any disappointments.

3. Count the eggs before you hide them this way when everyone believes the hunt is over you can do a count and know for sure if they missed any.

4. Once the hunt is over you can always award the child who gathered the most eggs with an Easter prize. Or to add some excitement you can fill one of the eggs (if you’re using plastic eggs) with confetti and whomever gets the egg with confetti gets a prize!

Best Easter Brunch Themes

Now that you are backed with some great advice to host a successful brunch and egg hunt, let’s get inspired by the top three Easter Brunch Themes for 2019.

Boho Vintage Brunch

Boho and Vintage are a perfect combination for Easter. This eclectic style makes for an easy and inviting surrounding for your guest. Pastels matched with deep rich colours and lots of textures and natural elements will set the atmosphere for this brunch.

Gather wild flowers and use odd jars or baskets as vases for decor.

You can also use baby’s breath if you’re unable to gather wild flowers and if you’re on a budget. To be honest, baby’s breath has always been my least favourite flower. However, after Mandy Moore’s Boho Chic Wedding it somehow looked so beautiful and romantic and has me rethinking baby’s breath all together.

Classic Free Spirited Games

For this style of brunch bring back some traditional games kid’s aren’t exposed to anymore. It will bring back fond memories for the adults as they play along too.

Play The Egg & Spoon Race and The Easter Egg Roll for a fun and classic game adults and children alike will enjoy!

Modern Day Brunch

Unlike the eclectic style of the Boho Brunch the Modern Day Brunch is more about clean lines and simplicity. The decor is more intentional and each piece serves a purpose. Chose simple colours and metallics and be sure to incorporate materials like glass and metal and use greens to soften the look.

Give your eggs a modern look with these 10 Modern Ideas For Decorating Easter Eggs. Then use tall potted grass to compliment and soften the crisp lines of this style.

Put A New Spin On Traditional Party Games

Do an Easter Pinata Smash or try this awesome DIY Egg Popper Game – games like this will add some excitement to the clean crisp modern atmosphere.

Brunch With The Mad Hatter – ‘It’s Always Tea Time’

Give your Easter celebration a fun whimsical twist this year with an Alice In Wonderland Themed Tea Party Brunch. Your guest will go mad over this creative brunch and will be sure to follow you down, down, down the rabbit hole!

Oversized props and mismatched furniture are a must for this type of party. Incorporate dainty tea cups to offset the large pieces of decor and add to the vintage flair of this theme.

Layering is key when pulling together a whimsical theme; for example, stack tea cups on top of each other and use as flower pots.

Don’t Be Late For This Very Important Date


There are so many fun ways to put an Alice In Wonderland spin on classic Easter games especially the egg hunt. Why not play on the ‘I’m late’ theme by giving the kids (and adults with young hearts) a limited amount of time to find as many eggs as they can find! You can also add extra props for them to find like clocks and sweet treats with ‘Eat Me’ labels.

Or try putting a Mad Hatter spin on the classic Easter Bonnet decorating activity. Give each participant a hat (choose various colours) and different materials to decorate it with, like bunny ears, jewels, playing cards etc.

You can also give this DIY Alice In Wonderland Croquet Set a try, it’s perfect for an outdoor party!

Brunching Is Always A Good Idea

There really isn’t a better way to celebrate Spring and Easter than brunching with family and friends!

Do you have any Easter Traditions or brunching tips? Feel free to share with us in the comments below. Or as always if you need any more advice or ideas we’re always here to help.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Easter!


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  • Todd P Matthews

    I’m definitely in it for the vintage brunch. As a traditionalist, I think it’s great to expose kids to games and styles that have long since been forgotten which many will enjoy more than detest. But I’d also be one who would likely decide to choose a different theme each year to keep things interesting. Maybe go with vintage for 2019, before something else in 2020. It’ll keep everything fresh.

    • Amber

      Hi Todd, I can’t agree more! There are so many fun games that have been forgotten so it’s nice to bring some of those tried and true games that our little ones can enjoy like we did growing up. Yes, a new theme each year is a great idea. Your guest will always have fun experiencing something new and it will fill your creative needs!

      Thanks for visiting and do come back and let us know how your Vintage Brunch turns out 🙂

  • Andrea Kaufman

    Honestly, I’ve never given Easter brunch much of a thought until now. It’s a nice tradition when you have small children in the house.
    That’s when it pays off when you have a large family that lives close, because then you get to do all the fun Easter games like egg hunting. My husband and I are not from the area we live in, therefore we have no family here. When our kids were smaller, we just hid the eggs in our large yard, that was the highlight of Easter for them.
    The food was rather secondary, we usually have a nice dinner at home because on Sunday morning I usually go to mass, so no brunch here, lol.
    When I was growing up, we didn’t have brunch either,but my mom always made a nice Easter cake. We also painted and decorated eggs (the egg shells) and hung them up everywhere, e.g.we had a big vase with some large branches and that’s where we would hang up some eggs.
    I tried to continue this tradition with my family, but once my kids grew older, they were just too busy with other activities to sit down and decorate eggs.
    I wish I could make Easter a little bit more festive in our house, maybe I’ll take your advice and make a breakfast casserole.

    • Amber

      Hi Andrea, Thanks for sharing your Easter experiences! Sounds like you have lovely memories. Growing up we always had brunch after church 🙂 Did you know traditionally brunch is actually from 10am – 2pm? So that leaves a lot of time for brunching after after church! Please do come back and let us know how the casserole turns out. Happy Easter!

  • Jennifer

    I like all of the these ideas but especially the Mad Hatter theme. All of the chairs of different shapes and sizes would be easy in my place. lol I’ve always collected different kinds of tea cups so I could pull off this theme very inexpensively. We’ve always had Easter egg hunts for the kids (and sometimes adults) and my papa would designate a price on some of the eggs for the kids to cash in on at the end of the game. Casseroles made the night before make things so much easier. I have a potato casserole I throw together the night before and the next morning I just pop it in the oven to bake. So easy! Thanks for these cute ideas and tips:)

    • Amber

      You’re welcome and Thanks for visiting! Your Papa sounds pretty cool, that’s a great idea! The Mad Hatter theme sounds perfect for you – mismatch is key in pulling that theme together 🙂 Let us know if you give it a try!

  • Sandra

    I really enjoy the way you spark creativity. The Mad Hatter idea is the best. I actually can visualize
    setting the scene up in my gazebo. The kids would go wild for it. Can’t beat a breakfast brunch and I’m
    definitely going to try the egg casserole. Use to do something similar years ago and served it topped with
    a little maple syrup drizzled on top.
    Kids love games and the Alice in Wonderland croquet set is hysterical . I ACTUALLY have a special guy who
    can put it all together. His name is GRANDPA and he’s on it. So thanks Amber and keep updating your party ideas.

    • Amber

      Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, I love the Mad Hatter as well. Topping your egg casserole with maple syrup is a fantastic idea, I love that! Please do come back and let us know how your brunch turns out this year and send us some pictures of the croquet set 🙂

  • Tina

    Great post. Some of the valuable information here. I especially like the Mad Hatter theme. Thanks so much for this exciting, helpful website.

  • Edmond Boateng

    Well now I can see how boring our Easter parties were. WOW! This has made me rethink a few things for hosting house parties in general. Your creativity and ideas are impeccable and delightful. Pulling this off will be the talk of the town and amongst friends where I come from and I’m so going to try this. Not for Easter but for some of our upcoming house parties.

    You’re passion on this topic has blown my mind and I can tell you love your brunches haha. Brunch is always awesome with friends, unless you are the Flash who has no idea what brunch is. Thank you for this new found ideas for me.

    • Amber

      Hi Edmond! Thank you very much for your lovely comment 🙂 I’m happy to hear you’ve been inspired! Please do come back and visit again for more ideas and let us know how your upcoming parties turn out!

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